Pension & Divorce Checklists

Pension & Divorce ChecklistsThe mystery of pensions is often contained in the jargon.

For goodness sake what is a GAR? What on earth is an entitlement to an enhanced tax free cash lump sum?

And who on earth really understands what a SSAS is?

We are often asked to provide advice about pensions sharing and which party to a divorce should get what share. Sometimes we are offered a good deal of information other times we are not.

We sometimes get the very minimum of information and sometimes that information is pretty much out of date.

Still that sounds like we are complaining but we aren’t really! But we do want to help, so we are really pleased to offer something that we believe will help both Solicitors and indeed both parties to the divorce.

We have created a series of seven pension & divorce checklists available for download.

These checklists cover the information we believe you should obtain in respect of each of the different types of pension arrangements.

You can download the checklists at


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