Client stories: Dee Searle standing for parliament

Client stories: Dee Searle standing for parliamentI have often said I have the best job in the world.

One reason for me saying that is that I spend a great deal of my time meeting with clients.

Those clients have a great and fascinating story to tell and I have decided to write a regular series of these blogs describing those client stories.

On Thursday I met in London with Denise Searle.

Dee is a Parliamentary Candidate for the Green Party standing for election in Tottenham in the upcoming General Election.

She has a real challenge ahead of her because the Labour Party has a 24,000 majority in that seat. But as Dee’s promotional flyer states, in the last election “almost half the electorate didn’t use their vote”.

Talking to Dee you can’t help but be impressed about her desire for change in Tottenham.

I may not agree with her politics; she refers to me as “Soft Tory”! (not in a pejorative sense you understand because she well knows that I have a social conscience); but if force of personality is a key factor for electoral success she is going to certainly make the other candidates (and indeed, the electorate of Tottenham) take note and think seriously about their vote.

You can listen to a short interview I recorded with Dee here:

I will let you know how Dee gets on in May. Who knows; I could have my first serving Member of Parliament as a client.


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