Podcast 15 – Budget, State of Retirement & Investment Risk Genetics

Informed Choice Podcast Episode 15This week in episode 15 of the Informed Choice Podcast, we review the Budget.

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There’s an interview with Steve Lewis, Head of Distribution Retirement Solutions at insurer LV=

Steve chats to Martin about their latest State of Retirement Report, which found funding retirement is likely to be of greater concern for women who, on average, have not only saved less than men but tend to live longer too.

You can read the LV= State of Retirement Report in full here.

Martin mentions a few books this week – Antifragile by Nassim Nicholas Taleb, Personal by Lee Child and Wrecked by Jeff Goins. Martin published a blog post called 5 Financial Planning Lessons from Antifragile.

He is currently reading The Extra One Per Cent by Rob Yeung and plans to start reading Hell and High Water by Sean Conway next.

If you have a question for Martin about Financial Planning or investing, you can leave a voicemail for him at icfp.co.uk/podcast.

The Budget Briefing Note mentioned by Martin in this episode can be downloaded for free here.

Martin talked about research by Dr Stephan Seigal at the University of Washington, who studied data from 30,000 identical and fraternal twins in Sweden to see if genetics influence risk behaviours.

Martin mentioned the gene DRD4 and the associated SNP rs180095 which are associated with novelty seeking behaviour.

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