Free stuff for Nick now he is 60

Free stuff for Nick now he is 60We recently celebrated Nick’s 60th birthday.

After a few days of grace, the process of teasing him about his ‘old’ age has begun in earnest.

Of course 60 is no longer actually ‘old’; some say that 60 is the new 40. But it’s fun to tease him about regardless.

Our initial excitement that we might be able to get Nick a bus pass was soon quashed with the discovery that you need to be State Pension age before you qualify.

For Nick, born in March 1955, his State Pension age is not until 66 years old, in March 2021. Free bus travel will have to wait.

He does however qualify at age 60 for a Senior Railcard.

This costs £30 for the year and entitles you to one-third off standard and first class Anytime, Off Peak and Advance fares.

Other than slightly cheaper off-peak rail travel, we could only come up with Senior Citizen night at the local fish and chip shop. Cheap chips!

Can you help us in our quest to tease Nick a little and suggest any other age-related freebies or benefits he might be able to get now he is 60?


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