Informed Choice aims to fill advice gap with innovative Robo-Adviser solution

Informed Choice aims to fill advice gap with innovative Robo-Adviser solutionUpdate: Bad news, we’re afraid. The AdviserBot3000 has ‘gone rogue’ and started delivering restricted financial advice. This is entirely unacceptable to us as only independent financial advice will do.

As a result, we have decided to terminate the production run, with extreme prejudice. Wish us luck! And Happy 1st April, everyone.


With the need for professional advice greater than ever, Informed Choice is today launching an innovative new solution designed to fill that advice gap.

It’s estimated that around two-thirds of the UK population have never received financial advice.

Recognising this is a big gulf which needs to be bridged, we have been thinking outside of the box and responding to recent calls from the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) as part of their Project Innovate.

Today, Informed Choice launches its robo-adviser solution.

Robo-advisers are a class of financial adviser that provides portfolio management and financial advice with minimal human intervention.

Working with researchers from the Skynet University, Informed Choice has incorporated artificial intelligence and a mimetic poly-alloy robotic skeleton to create a unique, exciting and powerful robo-adviser.

Innovative robo-adviser solutionCommenting on the launch of this innovative robo-adviser, Informed Choice executive director Nick Bamford said:

“We are delighted to launch our solution to the burgeoning advice gap. Several years in development, this robo-adviser will ensure there can be a financial adviser in every home by 2020.

“If we are able to iron out some of the early technical challenges identified during this project, we are confident that our robo-adviser service will do slightly more good than harm as it plugs the advice gap, keeps consumers out of the hands of pension scammers and entirely eliminates competition from traditional financial advisers.”

To introduce the launch of the new service, Informed Choice has produced this short film:



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