Week in review: Friday 17th April 2015

Week in review: Friday 17th April 2015We hope you’ve had an excellent week.

This week on the Informed Choice website, we started getting political with articles about inheritance tax proposals, voting intentions and what each political party thinks about pensions.

In our latest podcast episode, we discuss some interesting new research about how good looks might influence investment risk.

It transpired that Nick doesn’t yet qualify for a free bus pass, despite celebrating his 60th birthday last month. What other free stuff can you get when you’re 60?

Regular visitors to the site might have noticed a new feature added this week, allowing you to tweet selected comments from each article. Here’s an example:

If there is anything you would like us to cover in future blogs or podcast episodes, please let us know.


Inheritance tax to be removed on £1m homesInheritance tax to be removed on £1m homes

The Conservatives launched their election manifesto this week and it featured a new pledge on inheritance tax. Shelley explains how this might work and how it would be funded by cutting pension tax relief for higher earnings.

Who on earth should I vote for?Who on earth should I vote for?

Lifelong Tory voter with working class roots, Nick sets out his wish list for the perfect political party. Who on earth should he vote for?

Free stuff for Nick now he is 60Free stuff for Nick now he is 60

The Informed Choice team pokes some harmless fun at Nick after discovering he doesn’t quite qualify for a free bus pass, just yet.

Manifesto pension promises from Lib Dems & UKIPManifesto pension promises from Lib Dems & UKIP

Martin examines how each political party might approach the thorny subject of pensions, should then win or share power following the general election next month.


Podcast 19 - Sexy men make you take greater investment risksICP019 – Sexy men make you take greater investment risks

This week in episode 19 of the Informed Choice Podcast, Martin explains why good looking men encourage average looking men to take more risk with their money. He welcomes Japan to the Noflation Club and celebrates a rise in the number of CFP professionals.


Time for a systems & processes check-up

Nick writes for Money Marketing magazine about the importance of reviewing consistent systems and processes in light of the new pension freedom rules.


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