Cranleigh Parish Boundary Challenge

Cranleigh Parish Boundary ChallengeSunday was the inaugural Cranleigh Parish Boundary Challenge, with runners and walkers tackling 23 miles of footpaths around the entire boundary of the village.

Informed Choice has been working with the organisers of this event for the past six months, as sponsors and also to provide input at the planning stage.

On Saturday afternoon I was responsible for marking stages one and two of the course with temporary orange spray paint, which is harder than it sounds when it’s windy!

My role for the event itself on Sunday was to be on-course coordinator; moving between each checkpoint on the course, communicating with the event HQ and St John Ambulance, and keeping the participants safe at all times.

Andy was on finish line duties for the afternoon, recording times and finishing positions as each entrant crossed the line.

The event saw 40 people ‘beating the bounds’ following a blessing on the start line by the Rev Roy Woodhams.

The first finisher was Paul McGuiness in an impressive three hours 29 minutes.

In total, the event raised over £900, which will go towards supporting the local and national charities chosen by the Cranleigh Rotary.

We look forward to supporting this local event again in 2016, where we hope it will attract even more runners and walkers, and a repeat of the fine weather we all enjoyed on Sunday.

You can see our photos from the day here.


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