Podcast 022: Pension Liberation interview with Angela Brooks

Podcast 022: Pension Liberation interview with Angela BrooksThis week in episode 22 of the Informed Choice Podcast, Martin interviews Angela Brooks of campaign group Pension Life.

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Earlier this week in the press, there were reports of victims in pension fund scams committing suicide, with dozens of marriages said to have collapsed and families facing the risk of losing their homes.

Angela Brooks represents the 700 people caught up in the Ark and Capita Oak pension liberation schemes.

In this episode of the podcast, Martin talks to Angie about how pension liberation schemes work, how the promoters of these schemes find their victims, and the potential financial and human costs of being a victim of pension liberation.

We also hear from Justin King of MFP Wealth Management to get his thoughts on staying safe from pension scams.

Finally, Martin asks whether financial advice at retirement should become compulsory.

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Angela Brooks, Pension Life

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Samaritans for confidential support, call 08457 909090

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