Will you still be alive in five years?

Will you still be alive in five years?A headline caught my attention in the Times yesterday. “Will you still be alive in five years? – Take the quiz”.

I read on and discovered that researchers had found that by asking 13 simple questions for men and 11 for women the answers were the best way to forecast the answer to the question “Will you still be alive in five years?

I couldn’t stop myself and went to the quiz at www.ubble.co.uk and took the test.

Made my evening really, because despite the fact that I am 60 it seems I have the statistical chance of a five year survival of a 48 year old.

They say 60 is the new 40, well almost!

Statistically the odds are 98:2 in my favour so just maybe I will get to witness another Bristol Rovers promotion!


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