Week in review: Friday 12th June 2015

Week in reviewCall this a heatwave?!

The Informed Choice team arrived at Sundial House this morning, ready for what has been billed as the hottest day of the year to date, to be greeted by a torrential rain shower.

We hope it’s a little drier where you are today.

This week we’ve been writing about investing in a connected world, investor fears about a Grexit, why the government doesn’t trust you with your pension pot, and how much you can expect to pay to take money out of your pension.

In the latest Informed Choice Podcast, Martin talks about silver splitters, retirement as a worst case scenario and the importance of Lasting Powers of Attorney.


Investing in a connected worldInvesting in a connected world

Martin writes about opportunities for investors in an increasingly connected world, based on a briefing by Jupiter fund manager Steve Davies.

Grexit, Brexit & investor fearsGrexit, Brexit and investors fear

We know that fear often drives investment markets. With Greece still on the brink of being unceremoniously dumped out of the eurozone, are investors worried right now, and what could Britain leaving the European Union mean for investment markets?

Government doesn't trust pension pot ownersGovernment doesn’t trust pension pot owners

It’s your pension pot and the government has introduced ‘freedom’ to access it from age 55, so why don’t they trust you to make smart decisions with your money? Nick explains.

How much to access your pension pot?How much to access your pension pot?

If you take money out of your pension pot, you need to understand how much it will cost. Exit charges, facilitation charges, advice charges and taxation soon add up.


ICP027 - Silver splitters, retirement as worst case scenario & Lasting Powers of AttorneyICP027 – Silver splitters, retirement as a worst case scenario and Lasting Powers of Attorney

In our latest weekly podcast episode, Martin talks about the rising divorce rate for pensioners. He also explains why retirement should been seen as a worst case scenario and describes the importance of Lasting Powers of Attorney.


Only one in four ‘absolute return’ funds hit the target

Martin comments in The Telegraph about the failure of most absolute return funds to deliver an absolute return for investors.

Ready-made portfolios risky and expensive, advisers warn

Martin joins other advisers in warning about the risks and costs of ready-made investment portfolios, in this article from Fundweb.

UCIS scams shake my optimism

In his latest column for Money Marketing magazine, Nick suggests a solution to continued scams surrounding Unregulated Collective Investment Schemes.

Cover story: The future for equity income looks bright

In another Fundweb article, Martin shares his views on the outlook for the UK Equity Income sector and why the British business community is likely to prosper under a Conservative government.

Home truths: housing market or stock market

Martin comments for The Telegraph in this article about the merits of withdrawing money from your pension pot to invest in the property market.


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