ICP033 – Principles for an ideal retirement

ICP033 - Principles for an ideal retirementIn episode 33 of the Informed Choice Podcast, Martin talks about the ten principles for the ideal retirement, a rather expensive new retirement community opening in London, and why investment fund managers are increasing the cash balances in their funds.

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There’s also a personal finance news summary, the answer to a listener question about inheritance tax planning and looking in the woods for the most beautiful woman in the world.

Where will you live when you’re older? An article by Felicity Hannah in The Guardian caught my eye this week. Felicity wrote about the launch of a new luxury lifestyle retirement community in Battersea, London. Battersea Place is scheduled to open next year and is being heralded as the first of its kind in this country.

How much cash is there within your investment funds? This might sound like an odd question, especially if you’re investing in a UK equity, corporate bond or commercial property fund. But investment funds do typically hold some cash.

What is the ideal retirement savings system? For most people, saving for retirement has meant putting money into a pension. A new report prepared by Mercer for the CFA Institute, called An Ideal Retirement System has outlined ten principles for an ideal retirement.

Here are links to everything covered in episode 33 of the Informed Choice Podcast:

Hatchlands Park

Beauty And The Beast

The Organised Mind by Daniel Levitin (book)

Growing old in style: London’s first luxury retirement village (article)

Elmbridge Village, Cranleigh

Charters Village, West Sussex

An ideal retirement system (Mercer/CFA Institute)

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