Week in review: 17th July 2015

Week in reviewAs the summer holidays edge ever nearer, we say farewell to our intern James today.

James is a third-year Economics & Finance student at Cardiff University.

He has spent the past fortnight embedded with the Informed Choice team, seeing what happens in a firm of Independent Financial Planners.

This week on the website, we’ve been writing about children who are worried about money, we shared some photos from our birthday BBQ last week, looked at the return of noflation, explained the common conditions that can boost retirement income, and speculated about how technology innovation can help us age.

If there is anything in particular you would like to see from us, please do get in touch.


Do your children worry about money?Do your children worry about money?

Some new research from Halifax has found that many children admit they have worried about money. In fact, a third of children admitted to money worries.

19687556171_bc1a0386da_hPhotos: Informed Choice 21st Birthday BBQ

Informed Choice celebrated its 21st birthday last week, with a BBQ party in our car park for local clients and professional contacts. Here are some photos from the day.

Return of noflationReturn of noflation

Noflation is back in the UK, with the announcement that the official rate of price inflation has fallen once again to zero. The Consumer Prices Index (CPI) measure of price inflation was 0% for the twelve months to June. It fell from 0.1% in May.

Common conditions can boost retirement incomeCommon conditions can boost retirement income

Common medical and lifestyle conditions can boost your income in retirement – as long as your chosen insurer knows about them. In fact, 65% of people are estimated to be eligible for an enhanced annuity when they retire.

Tech innovation will help us ageTech innovation will help us age

According to some recent research, health spending in the years 2063/64 could be 5% of GDP higher than currently projected, as a result of this aging population. There is significant potential for responding to the challenges of ageing due to developments in wearable technologies, big data, 3D printing, cloud computing, the Internet of things, and smart cities.


ICP032 - Getting divorced, care fees cross-subsidy & pension freedom progressICP032 – Getting divorced, care fees cross-subsidy & pension freedom progress

In episode 32 of the Informed Choice Podcast, Martin talks about getting divorced, care fees cross-subsidy, and how well the new pension freedoms are actually doing.


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