Week in review: 31st July 2015

Week in reviewThis week on the Informed Choice website, we’ve been writing about why IFAs are recommending multi-asset funds, how the the ‘fun’ to ‘non-fun’ life ratio is skewed in the wrong direction, and how the government is consulting on pensions tax relief.

In the podcast this week, Martin talks about how to cope with an interest rate hike and your biggest money regrets.


Why are IFAs recommending multi asset funds?Why are IFAs recommending multi-asset funds?

New research has found that almost half (47%) of IFAs are recommending their clients invest in multi asset investment funds.

Modern life is rubbishModern life is rubbish

It’s easy to conclude that modern life is fairly rubbish or at least dull, based on a new calculation of the ‘fun’ to ‘mundane’ ratio.

Consultation on pensions tax reliefConsultation on pensions tax relief

The government is consulting on a simplification (read into that whatever you want) of the pensions tax relief system.


ICP034 - Could you cope with an interest rate hike?ICP034 – Could you cope with an interest rate hike?

In episode 34 of the Informed Choice Podcast, Martin shares the latest personal finance news, and talks about coping with higher interest rates and your biggest money regrets.


Pension changes leaving people vulnerable to fraudsters

Nick was a guest on Eagle Radio this week to talk about how the new pension freedoms introduced in April are encouraging fraudsters to target pension pots.


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