ICP035 – What’s so bad about getting old?

ICP035 - What's so bad about getting old?This week in episode 35 of the Informed Choice Podcast, Martin answers a listener question about whether cautious investors should still be investing in fixed income funds, there’s a roundup of the latest personal finance news, and the big topic this week is staying healthy in old age.

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In the personal finance and investing new roundup this week:

-The Government sells off £2.1bn of RBS shares and loses £1bn on the sale.

-House price rises sped up in July.

-There’s a new review into the cost and accessibility of financial advice.

-A former trader has been imprisoned for rigging LIBOR.

-Fund providers have signed up to a new statement of principles.

-Advisers are more favourable towards company shares as an investment.

Listener question

Our listener question this week comes from Richard Leeson, who asks whether cautious investors should still consider fixed income funds despite the headwinds they face with rising interest rates.

If you have a personal finance or investment question, we would love to hear from you and have the opportunity to answer your question in a future episode of the show.

Martin has set up a new voicemail number; to leave your question as a voicemail, call 020 8144 2745 and record your message.

Please leave a note of your full name, mention your website or blog if you have one, and then record your question. If you could keep the question to under 60 seconds, that would be perfect, and then we will feature it on a future episode of the podcast.

Alternatively, if you click here you can record a voicemail for the show there using the microphone on your PC or Mac.

Main topic

How bad is old age? That’s the big topic of discussion this week following the news that a healthy former nurse has ended her life in a Swiss suicide clinic because her experiences of caring for the elderly showed her old age is no fun.

Question of the week

The question of the week; what steps are you taking today to ensure you live a healthy retirement?

Useful links

Here are links to everything else Martin mentioned in episode 35 of the Informed Choice Podcast:

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AgingBooth in the App Store

How might Martin look in 30-40 years time?

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