Week in review: 7th August 2015

Week in reviewThis week the Informed Choice team has been writing about how to save £450,000 off the price of a house, presenting our monthly investment update for August, suggesting you move to Devon when you retire, sharing tips on avoiding the pension scammers and explaining why care fees have risen by 2.2% in the South East.

This week in episode 35 of the Informed Choice Podcast, Martin answers a listener question about whether cautious investors should still be investing in fixed income funds, there’s a roundup of the latest personal finance news, and the big topic this week is staying healthy in old age.


How to save £450,000 off the price of a houseHow to save £450,000 off the price of a house

The average property price in Cranleigh is now £314,862; much higher than the national average but still more affordable than living in central London. Assuming you are willing to spend some time on the train, you could save a lot of money on London house prices.

Monthly Investment Update: August 2015Monthly investment update: August 2015

The FTSE 100 index of leading UK company shares rose in value during July, recovering some of its losses from the previous month. Find out what else has been happening in investment markets and the economy in our latest monthly investment update for August.

Retire. Move to Devon.Retire. Move to Devon.

Where do you plan to live when you retire? Some new research has identified Devon as the best place to live in later life if you want a long, healthy, safe retirement. Find out why in this post and which other regions made the list.

Avoiding the pension scammersAvoiding the pension scammers

Nick was a guest on Eagle Radio last week, explaining how to avoid the pension scammers who want your money following new pension freedoms introduced in April. Here are his top tips and things to consider.

Care fees rise 2.2% in the South EastCare fees rise 2.2% in the South East

The cost of care is becoming more expensive in the South East of England, with average care fees rising faster than the consumer price inflation. Residential care fees in this part of the world now average £33,488 a year.


ICP035 - What's so bad about getting old?ICP035 – What’s so bad about getting old?

News this week about a healthy former nurse taking her life in a Swiss suicide clinic because her experiences of caring for the elderly suggested old age is no fun was the main topic of the podcast this week. There is also the answer to a listener question about fixed income funds and the headwinds they face, and a roundup of the latest personal finance news.


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