Week in review: Friday 21st August 2015

Week in reviewAs we head rapidly towards the end of the week, here is the latest roundup from Informed Choice; our week in review.

This week the Informed Choice team have been writing about the cost of residential care in later life, explaining why George Osborne is after your money, sharing new research which finds more of us are becoming aspirational savers, and describe what makes a good Financial Plan excellent.

In our podcast this week, Martin shares seven money lessons from the very rich and asks why retirees are shunning financial advice. He also answers a listener question about investing his pension fund in a hotel in Croatia.


How much does residential care cost?How much does residential care cost?

Some new research from provider LV= has found that, over the course of the last decade, the average length of stay in a residential care home has increased from 829 days to 955 days.

George Osborne is after your money!George Osborne is after your money!

Since the Freedom and Choice in Pensions changes introduced in April, savers have taken nearly £1.8billion pounds from their pension pots. How can you minimise your income tax bill when you withdraw pension cash?

Are you an aspirational saver?Are you an aspirational saver?

New research from M&S Bank has found that while nearly two thirds of regular savers believe it’s important to contribute towards a ‘rainy day’ fund, a quarter see themselves as ‘aspirational’ savers.

What Makes A Good Financial Plan Excellent?What makes a good Financial Plan excellent?

Nobody wakes up of a morning wishing they had a Financial Plan; we just don’t think that way. However, what we do all have are hopes, dreams, wishes and fears. So what makes a good Financial Plan an excellent one?


ICP037Informed Choice Podcast 037: Money lessons from the very rich

This week in episode 37 of the Informed Choice Podcast, Martin talks about the most important money lessons from the rich and why retirees are shunning financial advice.

He also answer a listener question about investing his pension pot in a Croatian hotel. Yes, really.


Martin Bamford’s underperforming fund picks you should hold onto

In the latest in a series of articles for FE Trustnet, Martin contributes his three fund selections which investors should consider holding despite their recent run of poor relative performance.


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