Everything you wanted to know about auto enrolment

Everything you wanted to know about auto enrolmentAs (hopefully) all employers will be acutely aware, the law on workplace pensions has changed.

Every employer with at least one member of staff now has new duties, including enrolling those who are eligible into a workplace pension scheme and contributing towards it.

This is called automatic (or auto) enrolment. It’s also referred to as AE.

It is called auto enrolment because it is automatic for your staff.

Your staff don’t have to do anything to be enrolled into your pension scheme, but it is not automatic for employers.

In fact, it requires a reasonable amount of work to make sure eligible staff are enrolled into a suitable pension scheme.

Even if you already pay contributions into a pension scheme for your staff, you still need to check if it is suitable for auto enrolment.

Here at Informed Choice, corporate pensions advice is not our forte.

We tend to work with individual clients rather than companies, although do provide advice on pensions and other employee benefits to a handful of smaller organisations.

Because AE is such an important topic, with many thousands of smaller employers reaching their ‘staging date’ each month, I wanted to speak to a real expert on the subject.

Chris Daems is one of the founders of the Auto Enrolment Advisory Group; a one-stop resource for help on AE for financial advisers.

He won Pensions Adviser of the Year at the recent Unbiased 2014 Awards and is undoubtedly one of the leading experts on this subject.

Chris has kindly agreed to be interviewed for the Informed Choice Podcast to talk about auto enrolment.

We have decided to broadcast this interview live, using the new livestreaming platform Blab.

The interview is scheduled for 10am next Thursday 8th October 2015 at https://blab.im/martin-bamford-auto-enrolment-with-chris-daems-live-podcast-interview-with-martin-bamford.

You can sign in using your Twitter account and subscribe for free to watch this interview live.

More importantly, you can ask questions during the interview and even join us on the live broadcast via your PC or laptop with a webcam, or from your smartphone if you download the Blab app.

If you have any questions about auto enrolment, this is your opportunity to get them answered.

Register now to watch the interview live next Thursday, leave your AE questions in the comments section below or get in touch with me on Twitter at @martinbamford.



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