Week in review: 25th September 2015

Week in reviewWe started the week in a workshop designed to review our Financial Planning process, with the intention of making it better.

Working with consultant Michelle Daniels of Extended Thinking, our team covered the meeting room walls with post-it notes describing every item in the six-step Financial Planning process.

We look forward to finishing this project with another workshop next week and then documenting our process to make it event better for clients.


This week the Informed Choice team have been writing about being clueless about budgeting, why pensioners are paying more tax, how index tracker funds are getting even cheaper, and the ‘pretirement’ predicament.


In episode 42 of the Informed Choice Podcast this week, Martin talks to David Sinclair, Director of the International Longevity Centre, about the myth of the baby boomer.

He also shares the three questions you need to ask yourself about retirement and asks whether how you wear your shirt influences your success in life.


Investors are piling into the targeted absolute return fund sector, but are these funds delivering what they promise? Martin comments in FT Adviser.

Commodities are physical assets and include metals such as gold, silver and copper, oil and gas, and so-called ‘soft’ commodities such as wheat, sugar and cocoa beans. Martin comments on the ‘fifth asset class’ for Money Observer.


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