Couples & families need financial advice

Couples & families need financial adviceWhen it comes to money, it’s important to involve your family in the most important decisions.

This often means bringing a spouse or partner into the conversation.

Decisions about money are after all usually decisions about the future.

Following the pension freedom rule changes in April, it is likely that the number of couples and families seeking independent financial advice on retirement planning will grow.

This is according to new research by Prudential who found advisers expect to witness growing demand for family financial advice.

The insurer found that couples already make up more than 40% of the clients supported by a typical financial adviser.

Wider family groups are 17% of advised clients.

Following the introduction of new pension freedoms, Prudential found that advisers expect these figures to rise, with 68% predicting a growth in demand from couples and 46% expecting to work with more family groups.

Even before the new pension freedom rules came into force in April, demand from couples and families appears to have been growing.

One in three advisers reported an increase in couples and families in their client base over the last 12 months.

This is perhaps to be expected as the new pension freedom rules were originally announced back in March 2014 before being introduced just over a year later.

When asked to predict which aspects of financial advice would become more important to families and couples in the light of the new pension freedoms, advisers highlighted inheritance tax planning, tax minimisation and planning for retirement income as the most likely.

This research from Prudential fits our own experience at Informed Choice of growing demand for financial advice from couples and families.

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