Most popular podcast episodes in 2015

Most popular podcast episodes in 2015The Informed Choice Podcast has gone from strength to strength this year, growing consistently each month as new listeners and subscribers download episodes.

Here are the most popular Informed Choice Podcast episodes in 2015.

Episode 025 – Wow Financial Advisers with Michelle Hoskin

Martin interviewed Michelle Hoskin, founder of Standards International, about what it takes to be a wow! financial adviser.

Episode 044 – Auto Enrolment with Chris Daems

Chris Daems is founder of AE in a Box and leading expert on the subject of pensions auto enrolment. In this episode of the Informed Choice Podcast, Martin and Chris chatted about pensions AE on the livestreaming platform Blab.

Episode 011 – Abraham Okusanya, Retirement Misconceptions & Listener Question

Martin interviews Abraham Okusanya, author of a white paper on Pound Cost Ravaging.

Episode 030 – The cost of a housewife

In this episode of the Informed Choice Podcast, Martin talks about what people want from the emergency Budget next week, properly qualified Financial Planners, the cost of a housewife, the Golden Age Index from PwC and what on earth is going on in Greece.

Episode 033 – Principles for an ideal retirement

In episode 33 of the Informed Choice Podcast, Martin talks about the ten principles for the ideal retirement, a rather expensive new retirement community opening in London, and why investment fund managers are increasing the cash balances in their funds.

Episode 022 – Pension Liberation interview with Angela Brooks

Angela Brooks represents the 700 people caught up in the Ark and Capita Oak pension liberation schemes. In this episode of the podcast, Martin talks to Angie about how pension liberation schemes work, how the promoters of these schemes find their victims, and the potential financial and human costs of being a victim of pension liberation.

Episode 035 – What’s so bad about getting old?

In this episode of the Informed Choice Podcast, Martin answers a listener question about whether cautious investors should still be investing in fixed income funds, there’s a roundup of the latest personal finance news, and the big topic this week is staying healthy in old age.

Episode 024 – Interview with Paul Claireaux, Author & Financial Educator

In this episode of the podcast, Martin interviews author and financial educator Paul Claireaux. Paul’s first book, “Who can you trust about money?” offers an explanation of how financial experts can mislead us and also how we can mislead ourselves when it comes to money.

Episode 018 – Pension reform winners & losers with Rachel Vahey

This episode featured an interview with pension expert Rachel Vahey about the winners and losers from the new pension reforms. There was also a discussion about a surprise fall in life expectancy for retired women and why economic reform is working so well in Japan.

Episode 027 – Silver splitters, retirement as worst case scenario & Lasting Powers of Attorney

In this episode, Martin talks silver splitters, retirement as a worst case scenario, and the importance of Lasting Powers of Attorney.

Do you have a favourite episode of the Informed Choice Podcast from this year? What would you like to hear about on the podcast next year?

If you have a suggestion for a guest interview, please let us know. We’ll send you a box of luxury chocolates to say thank you when we feature an interview with your suggested guest.


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