Divorce surge expected in January

Divorce surge expected in January

A divorce surge is expected in January as couples wait until after Christmas to start the divorce process.

The New Year is often a busy time for divorce lawyers as couples wait until after the Christmas holidays to start proceedings.

New research by Co-op Legal Services has found that the festive holidays aren’t solely to blame for couples calling time on their relationships.

The research found that a quarter of divorced couples said divorce was already on the cards, but that they waited until after family celebrations to make announcements.

Men are more likely than women to hold off until after a family occasion to announce divorce plans.

Over a quarter of divorced men said they waited for the right time, compared to just a fifth of women.

However, women are more likely to instigate a separation conversation than men.

Over half of divorced women said they started the proceedings, in comparison to just a third of divorced men.

Divorce surge expected in January

The big surge in divorce enquiries expected in January could be over 300% higher than during the four previous months, according to Co-op Legal Services.

The most common reasons for divorce are adultery (51% of cases), falling out love (32%) and as a result of increasing arguments (18%), according to the research.

Here at Informed Choice, we work with people getting divorced to remove the stress of making those important financial decisions, especially decisions around pension sharing where we have particular experience.

Working with a Financial Planner alongside your divorce lawyer is an effective way to calculating the income and assets you need to achieve your new goals in life, ensuring there is adequate financial protection for any maintenance payments and making the right provision for your retirement income in the future.

We often find that people getting divorced wait until too late in the process before engaging a Financial Planner, reducing the options for negotiating the right financial settlement.

If you are starting divorce proceedings in January, please do give us a call on 01483 274566 or email hello@icfp.co.uk to arrange a meeting which is at our expense and entirely without obligation.


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