Divorce surge, promotion & financial anxiety

Divorce surge, promotion & financial anxietyIt’s our first week back in the office following the New Year and the Informed Choice team has been hard at work.

A divorce surge is expected in January as couples wait until after Christmas to start the divorce process. We explain why and how to best approach the divorce process.

We are pleased to announce that Shelley McCarthy has been promoted to become our new Financial Planning Director.

Financial anxiety is on the rise again in the UK, returning to the same level as 2013. Find out what steps you can take to cut out money stress from your life.

Our monthly investment update for January 2016 contains all of the key economic and investment market information you need to know.

Starting in April 2016, a new Personal Savings Allowance will mean 95% of taxpayers no longer pay income tax on interest from cash savings.

In the latest episode of the Informed Choice Podcast, Martin talks about why women are better investors than men, and what the latest retirement income survey figures tell us about income decisions in retirement.


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