Scary investment markets, blowing an inheritance & making friends with dementia

Scary investment markets, blowing an inheritance & making friends with dementiaThis week the Informed Choice team have been talking about investment market fears and how to spend a large amount of money.

Despite a great deal of market volatility and losses on some markets, Edward Smith, Asset Allocation Strategist at Rathbones, believes that the poor start for equities this year has been driven by fear rather than economic fundamentals.

We asked you are you ready for an interest rate rise, with new research which found that nearly three quarters of homeowners are likely to see their mortgage payments increase if the base rate rises.

Martin joined the team at TWM Solicitors for a Dementia Friends information session recently, which he talks about in this blog.

What would you do with a £100,000 inheritance? If you’re like most people, you would save a lot of it and use it to repay debt.

During this period of equity market volatility, it’s worth remembering that it is time in the market which counts, not misguided attempts at market timing.

In our latest podcast episode this week, Martin talks about stock market volatility.

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