Funeral costs time bomb

Funeral costs time bombPlanning for death is something we rarely like to think about, but with a funeral costs time bomb is it an increasingly important consideration for financial planning.

According to a new report from mutual financial services company OneFamily, many people are in danger of leaving a legacy of debt because they have not planned for soaring funeral costs.

In the latest edition of the OneFamily Funeral Costs Tracker, it was reported that the average cost of a cremation rose from £3,239 to £3,572 between 2014 and 2015, a rise of 10%.

The average cost of burials rose by 4% during the same period.

Both price rises were an improvement on their findings last year, when burial costs rose by 9% and cremations by 12%, but continue to reflect a trend for rising funeral costs.

The highest cost for funerals was in Greater London, at £8,250. Burials were most affordable in Northern Ireland, at an average cost of £2,510.

Fees for both administration and professional guidance were the most expensive components of burials, costing on average £2,050. These fees include hearse collection and care of the body.

The cost of a cremation has risen by 22% since 2012, taking the average UK cost from £2,896 to £3,572 in just three years.

Similarly to burials it is the administration and professional fees that make up the highest cost at £2,069 on average, while death and funeral notices on average cost only £93.

You can find out how the cost of funerals stack up in your region by using this handy calculator from OneFamily.

Have you factored the rising cost of funerals into your financial plan?


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