Podcast 080: Clandon Wood Natural Burial

Podcast 080: Clandon Wood Natural Burial

In this special episode of the Informed Choice Podcast, Martin interviews Simon Ferrar and Adrian Shaw of Clandon Wood about Naturial Burial.

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Podcast 080: Simon Ferrar & Adrian Shaw at Clandon Wood Natural BurialSimon Ferrar & Adrian Shaw on Natural Burial

Clandon Wood is a 31 acre natural burial site in the Surrey Hills, named Cemetery of the Year in 2014. It’s a nature reserve for natural burials.

Their website at clandonwood.com explains, the creation of a self-sustaining, wildlife environment is the answer to the enduring question: how do we find enough space to accommodate human burials responsibly?

The site consists of wildflower meadows, a lake and wetland.

Martin interviewed Clandon Wood founder Simon Ferrar, and his colleague Adrian Shaw, in their striking glass and timber frame pavilion.

This was Martin’s second visit to Clandon Wood.

He interviewed Simon for his documentary about retirement planning back in 2014, and at the time was impressed with his approach to end of life planning and natural burial.

This interview and episode of the podcast is, we think, important for everyone to listen to and we hope it will get you thinking about some of the most important questions in life.

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