Weekly Round-Up – Friday 17th June 2016

Annuity option for retirement income remains aliveHappy Friday, readers! It’s time to catch up.

Here are some of the things that we covered at Informed Choice this week.

On the blog this week

What’s the secret to money and happiness? Some new research might have the answer.

With the Queen at 90, how has the value of money changed since 1926?

Nothing is more satisfying than finally paying off your mortgage. Once that happy day arrives, what are people doing with their spare cash?

The latest podcast episode

Martin interviews author and business coach Chris Budd about creating financial peace of mind.

Does cash beat shares over time? In our weekly podcast episode, we unpick a new study by financial journalist Paul Lewis.

Informed Choice in the press

In his latest column for Money Marketing, Nick writes about the need to embrace technology to improve our performance and client experience in dealing with us.

Before you go

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