Major technology upgrade for Informed Choice

Major technology upgrade for Informed ChoiceWe are currently undergoing a major technology upgrade at Informed Choice.

Over the next few months, we are working with Iress, one of the leading suppliers of innovative technology solutions for clients in the financial markets and wealth management sectors.

They are configuring their integrated financial planning and wealth management software, called XPLAN, tailoring it for the unique way we do things at Informed Choice.

The aim of getting this new technology – which is a significant investment for us in terms of time and money – is to make us much better at what we do, so we can deliver an even higher standard of service to our clients.

You might have heard a lot in recent months about so-called ‘robo advisers’.

This is a term used to describe online wealth management services that provide automated, algorithm-based portfolio management advice without the use of human financial planners.

These services are growing in popularity, especially with younger people who are in the process of accumulating wealth for the future.

By creating our own in-house robo-adviser, we will be able to provide a number of automated, algorithm-based portfolio management, seamlessly combined with the benefit of our years of experience as financial planners and wealth managers.

Using this digital wealth management and financial planning software will streamline a lot of what we do at Informed Choice, giving us more time to bring real value to our clients through bespoke planning, coaching and education.

We are excited about going live with XPLAN and sharing with our clients a number of its features:

-Improved and more timely reporting

-Financial planning strategy development and modelling

-Client access to portfolios using a secure online client portal

As well as our team being able to use XPLAN in the office, and giving access to clients through the new Informed Choice client portal, we will be able to use the software on location with our clients, using portfolio analysis and financial modelling tools together through iPads at meetings.

Behind the scenes, we believe that this new technology will vastly improve our efficiency, streamlining and automating many of our internal processes, so we can spend that time with our clients instead of updating paper files.

We have a lot of work over the next few months to finish customising and configuring XPLAN so it does everything we need, but as soon as it is ready to go live we will be in touch with our clients to demonstrate its features and provide online access to the new Informed Choice client portal.


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Martin Bamford is a Chartered Financial Planner, Certified Financial Planner (CFP) professional and published personal finance author. He works with elderly clients to provide advice on funding residential care fees, hosts the Informed Choice Podcast and is a keen ultra runner.
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