Weekly Round-Up – Friday 8th July 2016

Informed Choice Weekly RoundupHappy Friday, readers! It’s time to catch up.

Here are some of the things that we covered at Informed Choice this week.

On the blog this week

Annuities became a less popular retirement income option when new pension freedoms were introduced last year. Here are some annuity myths you should know about.

Following the referendum result, Britain had its credit rating cut by Standard & Poors. What does this mean for your personal finances?

Another consequence of Britain’s decision to leave the EU was the suspension of trading in some UK commercial property funds. Find out why Standard Life Investments took this decision, which was subsequently followed by others.

People retiring today might be entering a golden age of retirement, if these new government statistics are to be believed.

The latest podcast episodes

Our interview episode this week features Damien Fahy, founder of Money to the Masses. Martin and Damien chat about how to get a grip on your personal finances, investing as a way of building wealth for the future, and how to cut the cost of financial advice.

In the main weekly podcast episode, Martin talks about commercial property as an investment and why the decision by some fund providers to suspend trading should not matter to investors.

Informed Choice in the press

Martin is in the Financial Times again this week, commenting on the recent spate of property fund trading suspensions.

“Investors love property because it is a tangible asset and easily understood,” said Martin Bamford, a wealth manager. “They also tend to have quite short memories, so suspensions or value adjustments are unlikely to deter investors for the long term.”

There’s a line for financial advisers to draw between their personal and professional opinions. In Martin’s latest column for Money Marketing magazine, he writes about how political advisers should get with their clients.

Before you go

The office is closed today, but for a very good reason. Informed Choice turns 22 years old this week and the team are celebrating this important milestone. We look forward to continuing to work with you in the years ahead.

Celebrating 22 years of Financial Planning & Wealth Management



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