Care homes, property ladder & unmarried couples

latest news & insights from Informed ChoiceWelcome to the latest roundup from our experts and thought leaders here at Informed Choice, with latest news and unique insights from our team.

Martin Bamford – The business of care homes
One of my favourite programmes on Radio 4, apart from The Archers, is The Bottom Line with Evan Davis.In the latest episode, the assembled experts discussed the business of providing residential care for our elderly.This appears to be a struggling… Read more

Shelley McCarthy – Owning a home by age 25?
Buying your own property at any stage in your 20s seems like an unachievable dream for most.  This was a really interesting article by the BBC highlighting some examples which show it is possible, but only with a lot of hard work and some… Read more

Martin Bamford – Café Culture is coming to Cranleigh
This morning I took another phone call from a lady referred by Surrey County Council. As a member of the Society of Later Life Advisers, we are often approached by individuals who do not qualify for local authority funding for their adult social… Read more

Shelley McCarthy – Spouse’s pensions for unmarried couples
A lady has won a share of her late partner’s pension, despite not being married.This court case could mark the start of additional cases surrounding the tax advantages that married couples get over cohabiting couples.  Is it time that these rules… Read more

Martin Bamford – Informed Choice Radio to appear at the Master Investor Show
The team from Informed Choice Radio, our personal finance podcast, is pleased to be attending the Master Investor Show next month.The event takes place at the Business Design Centre, Islington, London on Saturday 25th March.Informed Choice Radio… Read more

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Informed Choice in the press

FT Adviser – City bonuses linked to compliance and conduct
A global survey from Mercer shows conduct, compliance and risk management are increasingly being used in the calculation of bonuses by financial services companies. Martin comments for FT Adviser…     Read more

Share Radio – The Investment Trust Show: The Issue of Risk
This week we’ll be taking a look at the rather critical issue of risk. And to do that, I’m joined in the by Martin Bamford from Informed Choice and Share Radio’s Senior Analyst Ed Bowsher.    Listen now


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