Collapsing care, depressing retirement & a bond bubble

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Martin Bamford – Adult social care at risk of total collapse
We’ve heard warnings of an adult social care crisis for years, but this new report from Age UK takes those warnings to a whole new level.According to the charity, around 12 million over 65s are not getting the basic care and support they… Read more

Nick Bamford – Is retirement too depressing?
Surely retirement should be a time of excitement not depression? And yet it appears that many it is the latter rather than the former.Perhaps this comes down to lack of planning. It’s not just about having enough money it’s also about having a… Read more

Martin Bamford – Price inflation rises to 1.8%
The rate of price inflation, as measured by the Consumer Prices Index (CPI), is continuing to rise towards the Bank of England target of 2%.The latest figures for the year to January 2017 show inflation up from 1.6% to 1.8%.This is the highest… Read more

Martin Bamford – Self-funder care fees tax rises to £1.3bn a year
Individuals who self-fund their residential care cross-subsidise the cost of local authority funded beds in the same home.This rather unpalatable fact of life has been apparent for years, with local authority contribution rates falling short of… Read more

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