Brexit worries, shrinking £1 coin & state pension age

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Martin Bamford – What’s worrying financial advisers?
The results of this research by Prudential are interesting, showing that most financial advisers believe Brexit implications pose a threat to five year investment returns.85% of financial advisers had this as a concern.By comparison, 66% are… Read more

Shelley McCarthy – Shrinking £1 coin
Today sees the launch of the new £1 coin. We’ve not been able to get our hands on one yet, down here on the Surrey/Sussex border, but look forward to feeling how different it is to the existing coin we all know and love.Aviva have published some… Read more

Martin Bamford – Bank of mum and dad is lending like crazy
First time buyers are increasingly reliant on financial support from the bank of mum and dad, which has dished out £2.8bn of assistance. New research from the Social Mobility Commission has found 34% of first time buyers received financial support… Read more

Nick Bamford – State pension age must rise again
The publication of a much anticipated independent report has suggested millions of people will be working for longer before claiming their state pension.The report authored by John Cridland, former director-general of the Confederation of British… Read more

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