U-turn, gin & discretionary nil rate band trusts

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Nick Bamford – How to develop a fulfilling retirement
This article in the Guardian is excellent and recommended reading for anyone approaching retirement.We often tell people that retirement planning is about so much more than money.Yes, having the necessary income in place to support your life in… Read more

Martin Bamford – If possible, make a u-turn ahead
You can call it a u-turn, climb-down or chaos. What seems clear is the Chancellor has egg on his face after cancelling proposals made in the Budget to increase National Insurance contributions for the self-employed.The NICs rise would have… Read more

Nick Bamford – Gin, bike helmets and adult jigsaws
The basket of goods and services used to calculate price inflation is changing.The latest updates made by the ONS see the addition of dairy-free milk, gin, cycling helmets and jigsaws for adults.Leaving the inflation basket were basic mobile phone… Read more

Shelley McCarthy – Did you include a discretionary trust in your will?
People who added a discretionary nil rate band trust to their wills are being warned they could miss out on the new family home allowance.From 6th April this year, the inheritance tax nil rate band is being gradually supplemented with a main… Read more

Martin Bamford – Another Scottish independence referendum?
I’m a big fan of Scotland. One of my first jobs was working for the Scottish insurer Standard Life, which meant regular trips to their head office in beautiful Edinburgh.Before that, as a child, we visited Scotland on holiday several times. Just… Read more

Martin Bamford – Would you date someone with debt?
To what extent does debt influence relationship success?According to this report from the New York Post, 58% of Americans wouldn’t marry someone with significant debt.The study, from legal industry site Avvo, also found that most people would feel… Read more

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Investors advised to avoid Standard Life and Aberdeen Funds
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