Defining ‘rich’, happy retirement, & snap election

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Martin Bamford – Brain wonder drug excites the experts
One consequence of our ageing population is a sharp increase in the number of neurodegenerative brain diseases in later life.It’s important to note that Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias are not a part of normal aging.However, dementia is… Read more

Nick Bamford – If you earn this much a year, you’re ‘rich’
With a general election approaching, attention is turning to wealth and taxes.Shadow chancellor John McDonnell has caused a little furore, speaking on the Today programme yesterday about his vision for a fair taxation system.McDonnell defined ‘the… Read more

Shelley McCarthy – How much should you be saving for a happy retirement?
The consumer group Which? have published some figures which suggest couples who want to enjoy a happy retirement need to save at least £131 a month from age 20 onwards.The cost of delay is also illustrated in their research, with a couple aged 30… Read more

Martin Bamford – What does the snap election mean for your investments?
Theresa May has called a ‘snap’ general election for Thursday 8th June 2017.The proposal requires the vote of two-thirds of MPs, a vote which will take place tomorrow and Labour have already said they will support.Announcing her plans for a snap… Read more

Shelley McCarthy – Passing on the property ‘wealth mountain’
With wealth ownership concentrated in a relatively small part of the older population, one of the financial planning challenges faced by many families is how to pass it on to future generations.According to insurer Royal London, more than £400bn… Read more

Nick Bamford – Which path will you follow in retirement?
This article describes the six major paths people tend to follow in retirement. As the author explains, your chosen path in retirement might not always be a straight line; in our experience, it’s common to experiment with different paths in… Read more

Martin Bamford – Trying to avoid care fees doesn’t work
The BBC are running an interesting story today, looking at why trying to avoid care fees by placing property in trust usually doesn’t work.The practice is regularly promoted by unregulated advisers who sell expensive trust products to vulnerable… Read more

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