Our clients

Our Clients at Informed ChoiceWho are our clients?

Our clients come from all walks of life, sharing the same goals of wanting a clear explanation of their financial challenges.

They are typically in their fifties and sixties, living or working in Cranleigh and the surrounding area.

Our clients value professional advice in all aspects of their lives and are looking for a safe pair of hands when it comes to managing their personal finances.

They share our family values, have a sense of humour and are actively engaged in the exchange they have with us.

Why are they our clients?

Our clients all give different reasons for why they choose to work with Informed Choice. Some of the most frequently heard answers include:

-They value our advice;

-Like that we challenge their thinking;

-Ask us for our opinions which we always have;

-Appreciate that we believe in transparency;

-Relate to the fact that we prioritise the protection of their pension and investment portfolios against the downside rather than chasing double digit returns;

-Understand our advice because we write it and speak it, in plain English;

-Know that the whole Informed Choice team is looking after them;

-Are treated as individuals and in a friendly fashion;

-Like that we obviously enjoy what we do for them;

-Understand that we are in it for the long term and see the results of our advice.

If these sound like the attributes you are looking for in an Independent Financial Planner, please do get in touch.