Your Annual Wealth Check

Your Annual Wealth Check from Informed ChoiceWe meet with our clients at least once each year to review their plans and check their progress against the goals we originally agreed.

This is so important because in our experience it is the investments and retirement plans that are reviewed on a regular basis that tend to perform in line with expectations over the longer term.

We work with you each year to make sure that you keep on track to achieve your financial planning goals and objectives.

Not only do we look at the management of your investment and pension portfolios but we also review all the key items that you need to consider.

Your Annual Wealth Check agenda is as follows;

1)    An update of your financial situation and any changes to your financial goals and objectives;

2)    A strategic review of your portfolio examining the asset allocation mix;

3)    A review of the underlying investment funds and an examination of their continued suitability;

4)    A discussion of the investment recommendations that we may make to you;

5)    A review of any debt that you may have and how that might be managed;

6)    A review of your income tax, inheritance tax and capital gains tax position;

7)    An update of your pension entitlements;

8)    A review of any protection plans that you may have;

9)    A review of your estate planning, wills and power of attorney;

10)     Sorting out your paperwork (what to keep and what to get rid of);

11)     A wider family view (children, grandchildren and elderly parents or relatives) and their needs;

12)     Updating your professional connections (Accountants and Solicitors)

We use this as the agenda for our review meeting together and believe it will add real value to your financial well-being.