Our fees

First meeting & engagement letter

We offer all new clients an initial meeting which is at our expense and without any obligation.

This can take place at our offices in Cranleigh, at your home or another convenient location.

Following this first meeting, we will write to you with a personalised engagement letter which confirms the services we can provide and the exact cost of these services.

Advice & Implementation

We charge a fixed fee for our services depending upon the complexity of your situation.

•    Starting at £2,450 for advice on choices at retirement, investment management, care fees planning or other independent financial advice.

•    Starting at £3,750 for Financial Planning.

Please note that our fees will be higher in some cases depending on the complexity and scope of the advice we are delivering. We will always tell you exactly how much you will pay before you agree to proceed with our services.

Compare us with others

We are sometimes asked how our fees compare with our competitors. We expect not to be either the cheapest or the most expensive.

For example if we charged a fee of £2,450 we would expect to be cheaper than many of our peers if they charge 3% for an investment of £82,000 or more.

Many IFAs do not charge an explicit project fee for advice but bundle the price together which you only pay if you buy an investment, pension or protection product. Only you can decide if this is truly independent advice and right for you.

Investment Management and Your Annual Wealth Check

To deliver these services we charge 0.75% of the value of the assets that we manage for you, typically your Investment and Pension Plans.

For example, if the value of these assets is £250,000 we would charge you £1,875 per year for these services and a portfolio of assets of £500,000 we would charge £3,750 per year.

We don’t charge for the value of directly held assets like property or Bank and Building Society or NS&I accounts.

Our fees are payable by invoice or if it is more beneficial for you by adviser charging against the cash funds in the Investment and Pension Plans that you have.